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Lesley Benson

My mission

is to teach single women
above the age of 50 who
recently had their children
leave the nest that there
are possibilities to change your life
and do the things you want to do,
rather than being at the mercy of what's available.

Lesley Benson

"Lesley is an amazing woman. I have known her for a long time but only came back into contact with her last year. She knew there was something wrong by my body language but our of respect waited for me to open up the door. She knew the woman I as before. So straight way she could see.

Lesley really opened my eyes up to many possibilities. She helped me to look deep inside myself to see who I am.

To really look inwards to see what I truly want to change in my life. To push through my fears. By setting goals and being accountable.

By focusing and seeing what limited beliefs of myself I had to push through and unravel.

Over the last year I have accomplished many goals I had set out to do. But most important I truly value myself and know my worth.

I had lost myself in my marriage and my kids and needed to reconnect with me as a strong beautiful intelligent woman I am.
Thank you Lesley"

Lesley has a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter and have you resolve issues and blocks quickly. I went from being stuck and going round in circles to clarity, action and results from the first session. Lesley is a rare mix of down to earth practical and spiritual empath - intuitive insight and practical business coaching that creates immediate, lasting and tangible transformation.